To maximize the results of your training, you should try to eat a complete meal containing enough carbohydrates, not less than two hour before you exercise. However, in many cases, you may want to also get a decent pre-workout meal just before you go to the gym. This is not a bad idea, since it could help you get useful energy before putting your body under strain.


Bananas are very rich in fast-acting carbohydrates that will provide you with usable fuel for a workout, and the supply of potassium helps in maintaining muscle and nerve function. To people who like to workout first thing in the morning and typically skip eating breakfast before, then it can be worthwhile to have a banana before your workout, and then eat breakfast within a half hour afterwards to provide essential protein for muscle building and repair.


Oats are packed with fibre, which facilitates a steady release of carbohydrates into your bloodstream, and therefore a steady energy supply throughout your workout. If you don’t like traditional, old-school oatmeal, then you could perhaps try an oatmeal energy bar, which is also very convenient to carry around with you.

3.Fruit smoothies

Fruit smoothies are an awesome pre-workout snack because they have high-quality protein, can be rapidly digested, and have the key combination of simple and complex carbohydrates. The simple carbohydrates will hit for the first 15 to 20 minutes, while the complex carbs finally kick in around the half-hour mark. Together, these provide a steady stream of energy throughout a standard workout. A fruit smoothie with bananas would be ideal.

4.Egg whites

The fat in egg yolks is metabolized slowly and therefore is likely to make you feel bloated and sluggish during your workout, so egg whites are a much better pre-workout option. A single egg white provides around 4 grams of protein and no fat. However, eating raw egg whites could be difficult, and dangerous, so make scrambled egg whites.

5.Dried fruit 

This is a great option if you only have a few minutes before you go to your workout because it’s light, so the simple carbs will provide you instant energy without weighing you down. They can also be carried around with you, so that you can eat them on short notice, or on the way to gym. A few recommendations for dried fruits to eat are dried berries, apricots, and pineapple. You should try eat about a quarter of a cup.

Top 5 things to eat before your workout
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