Free time is often seen as a luxury that many people unfortunately spend in front of the TV. However, there are many more productive ways to spend your free time that can leave you feeling great and still be worth the limited time you might have for yourself.


If you’ve already volunteered, you’ll be aware of the benefits it can bring. If you have enough free time to give of your time to others in need, this can be a very fulfilling way to give back to your community or society. And even better – you get to choose what to volunteer in according to what you believe in, and what you think is most important.

Search for volunteer opportunities through asking people you know who already volunteer, by searching online or in the volunteer pages, or asking people who work in places you’d like to volunteer for.

  • Volunteer as much or as little as you like. You’re giving up your free time for a worthy cause, so you should enjoy it. Even consider volunteering in different places at different times, to give yourself some variety in both experience and the people you meet.

2.Learn something new

School, college, university, and continued learning on-the-job are usually focused on getting us into gainful employment. Sometimes learning for the sake of learning is lost underneath all the deadlines, necessities for grades, and fears of keeping jobs.

Always fancied yourself getting involved in archaeology, ballroom dancing, jewellery making, first aid, or hang-gliding? Use free time to immerse yourself into learning these things for the sake of learning them, without having the pressure to achieve beyond the goals you’ve set for yourself.

  • Ironically, even though this type of learning may seem unrelated to what you do in the rest of your life, it will still be beneficial because it increases your ability to understand the world better, provides you with new ways of seeing things, and equips you with new skills.

3.Make something

Free time is an excuse to get fully involved in doing something that you consider to be a hobby or pastime. Hobbies are useful because they give you the opportunity to expand knowledge, make something, improve skills, and to be focused, diligent, and switched on. This could be anything from painting, to carpentry.

Moreover, a hobby allows you to enjoy yourself as you get immersed in the intricacies of it. Be sure to reach out to others in the same hobby so that you can connect and share ideas. This is one area where showing off now and then does no harm provided it’s all in good fun and you return the favour by complimenting the efforts of others in your hobby, too.

Even within one hobby, there are many roads to take to keep yourself occupied. Within painting alone, you could investigate acrylics, enamel, encaustic (wax), frescoes, inks, oils, spray paint (graffiti) and sketching.

Three ways to use your free time
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