Ever paged through a magazine, seen an outfit, and thought that you would have accessorised it better? Accessorising adds a dash of personality, and the right ones will have you looking more than well put together. We’ve put together 3 accessorising tips to have you looking good from head to toe:

  1. Statement Silk Ties, Scarves and Pocket Squares

Printed ties are a great way to add personality, while keeping in line with the catch-22 formal dress code. Smaller striped statements are minimalist, which is the must-have look. A different coloured or patterned pocket square is where you have leeway to fool around without causing a rift (Bonus points: You don’t have to wear a tie). Elevate an effortless look by throwing on a silk scarf, whether wearing it in a neck wrap or a classic loop, or as a headwrap.

  1. Wrist Watch

Keep up with the times by adding a watch to accessorising your outfit. The sleeker, the better. Watch dials come in a variety of colours, but black, white and grey give a more classic look. Opt for leather straps in brown, tan or black. If metals are your thing, rose gold, gold, silver and gunmetal add maturity, without overdoing it. You may pull a look off by accessorising with just a watch, but it is important that the face is not too big, it fits to avoid rotating around your wrist, and if wearing leather straps, they should match your belt and shoes.

  1. Oxfords

Oxford shoes go well with chinos, fitted jeans, slacks and a great pair of shorts, and take your look from 0 to 100. Suited for both ladies and gentlemen, these shoes look best with the straight lace to give you class and utility. Patent leather oxfords are the best option if you are buying your first pair, focusing more on a formal wardrobe. Suede oxfords are a better pairing for a relaxed casual look. Whether they’re round-toed or two toned, the shoes have a solid look structure, and define a level of elegance.

3 Accessory Tips to Look Good