There are several occasions that call for gifting moments – birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and congratulatory events such as work promotions, or travel opportunities. You could even be gifting for the fact that it is a Thursday. As “gifters”, the common mistake is assuming the next gift must be better than the previous one, just to manage expectations. Lasting gifts create lasting memories, so here are some ideas to ensure you present something that won’t become a bygone.

  1. A watch.

Make it extraordinary by custom choosing a strap different to the default design, then adding an engraving with a date at the back. Classic style watches are timeless (pun intended), making them a lasting gift. When the watch stops working, the advantage is being able to change batteries. Leather straps and metal links can also be changed over the years, while keeping the same face.

  1. A photoshoot.

Nothing should matter more to your partner than your relationship. Updating photos with a couple’s photoshoot to showcase your affection is an amazing gift. To make it unique to you, stray away from the jeans-and-white-shirt studio photoshoot and add themes to on-location shoots.

  1. Tap into interests.

Interests and hobbies are a great pick-me-up because they don’t feel like work. Mellow-out the stress by engrossing your partner in developing their favourites. Does your partner enjoy art? An easel and canvas. Eager writer? Fountain pens, vintage ink bottle and pad set, and an invitation to go to an author’s book launch and signing. Aspiring chef? Private cooking lessons with a restaurant chef. Additional brownie points if you listen to their experience about it afterwards. 

  1. Memory lane.

Reminiscing old dates reveals that you remember what matters. If the first concert you went to was a Mango Groove performance 10 years ago, recreate it. We’re not saying call the band musician to give a private performance. Set the table, prepare a pasta dish, and press play on Mango Groove CD’s at home, paying attention to the songs that were your favourites.

  1. Necessities.

Gifts don’t have to be lavish. They must just mean something. If your partner spends the day at the office, get personalised office supplies; diaries, to-do lists and pens. Whenever they use them, they’ll remember how special they are to you. If your significant other spends their day on their feet – a nurse, a teacher, a flight attendant – change their end of shift by prepping dinner, and a massage. This shows that you are considerate of the work they do.

Gift ideas for your significant other