Allowing yourself to step out of your comfort zone puts years of experience on your clock, and you don’t have to go to extremes. These five healthy ways to get out more lead to intellectual growth, engagements with different types of people, and the elimination of loneliness and isolation.

  1. Volunteering:

Giving back by mentoring allows you to share opportunities, expertise and guidance. Community clean-up is a great way to meet new people to work together towards achieving a united community. The benefits of volunteering by means of tutoring or coaching offer you the chance to share what you know, and see it advancing someone else.

  1. Join Clubs:

Nothing is more demotivating than doing something on your own. Book clubs and writing clubs have evolved enough to allow you to read your own books, and write at your own pace. Reading and writing are mental stimulators that result in reduced stress.

If maintaining fitness discipline is not your strong suit, running clubs are not only safe in terms of running in groups, but they challenge your fitness to be better than before.

  1. Events:

Wine tastings and night markets are the current trend. The best part is the flexibility of not having to stay from start to finish, or visit every stall. Night markets offer small band performances, with the option of bringing a camp chair or picnic blanket. The free-spirited atmosphere allows you to meet and interact with different types of people. Expos are innovation based exhibitions to create interest for the public. It allows you to meet people with similar interests, all the while getting the information you need.

  1. Cultivate Interests:

Building onto something you’re interested in gives you a sense of euphoria. If you’re interested in cooking, having a copy of a cookbook may be a great start. Round it off by signing up for cooking classes, developing your interest into an appetising final product. Camping may be your fondest childhood memory, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Get the gear, call a friend or three, and head to a campsite where you’ll be sure to meet other happy campers.

  1. Something new:

Routine eventually becomes boring. Break the cycle by trying something in the realm of the unknown. May it be a new hobby, a new style or pursuing a new field of study part-time, it allows you to gain greater perspective beyond that of your own.

5 Healthy Ways to Get Out More