To be more productive, you don’t have to pick up more tasks. Producing quality work in an efficient manner in terms of time management is what makes a person productive. Your tasks won’t just disappear, no matter how much you wish them away. These are some of the top ways to be more productive in work and life.

1. Set goals with time allocations

When drawing up a to-do list for your goals, identify your peak time in relation to certain tasks. If you read better in the mornings, and get a bit more sluggish during the afternoon, it would be advisable to do your research as soon as you sit at your desk in the morning. When doing this, remember to put time allocations to each task you plan on completing for the day. Prioritise your tasks if you have too many to do for the day. Compiling a client list due at 3pm might be more important than getting a haircut.

  • You know what task you want to do, but it’s feeling a bit overwhelming? A good place to start is the beginning. Take this step by step to avoid going back to doing the same thing again.

2. Eliminate Distractions

Time chatting on the phone, browsing the internet and reading emails should be kept to an absolute minimum, unless that is what your task entails. If forfeiting these is out of the question, include them in your to-do list, with a realistic time allocation. Your workspace should be clean, neat and organised. From looking for major things like forms in a pile of papers and pamphlets to looking for a pencil to jot down a phone number, those searches distract your flow of productivity.

  • Create systems for filing documents, keeping appointments and storing stationery.

 3. Don’t be motivated. Be disciplined

Successfully productive people don’t always feel like it, yet they still get it done. That is what discipline is about. While motivation can drive you to being more productive, it is not always there. Record-breaking athletes train even when they would rather go out to the movies, but that is why they are record breakers. The easiest way to develop discipline is being accountable to someone else. This closes the opportunity to procrastinate because another person is also dependent on the completion of the task.

  • Work according to a reward system. If you dedicate yourself to a big task, and mark it as complete by the end of the allotted time, congratulate yourself by relaxing, or taking yourself out.

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Three top ways to be more productive