Your skin says a lot about your lifestyle in terms of selfcare. While skin afflictions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne may be hereditary, having dry, dull and prematurely aged skin can be minimised through developing good personal habits.

1. Check before bed

Avoid going to bed with any harsh product on your face, including makeup, because if you already have an active skin abrasion, it’s possible that an infection can occur due to the weakened barrier of your skin.

  • Other outcomes of compromised skin barrier include rash development, and the premature aging to the face.

2. Rub-a-dub

Have you ever realised that if you take a mild-soaped shower when developing a rash can help do the trick? Washing helps to clear your skin of dirt and eradicate build-up of natural body oils. Make sure you also pay careful consideration to the product you choose to wash your face. Alcohol-based toners and abrasive exfoliators lead to morning breakouts.

  • A gentle cleanser with salicylic acid will do just fine to help open pores and remove trapped dirt and oil.

3. Moisturise

You will want to do this double-time during Winter. Environmental weather conditions suck the moisture out of your skin, leaving it feeling itchy, dry, cracked, and appearing ashy. The answer? Replenishing. Fragrance-free water-based moisturisers work best, over the long-term. They feel lighter on your skin, and limit clogging.

  • If you are prone to cracked heels and hands, wipe them with a warm damp cloth, moisturise with coconut oil and wear socks and gloves to retain the moisture.

4. Get active

Cardiovascular exercises yield amazing results for your skin, and it’s free! This is due to the promotion of healthy circulation and the nourishing of vital skin cells. The cellular debris is flushed, basically cleansing from inside, out.  If you choose to go for a jog or brisk walk, early morning or early evening are the best times, avoiding excessive heat exposure, which is not good for the skin.

  • Swimming is a great full-body workout, but remember to moisturise, as chlorine has a drying effect.

5. You are what you eat

You’ve probably heard this one before, but have you been implementing it? You don’t need to follow a strict diet plan, but remember which foods impact your skin positively and which ones are working against your glowing exterior. Incorporate fats, fruits, vegetables and vitamins. Good fats are typically liquid in room temperature, and solid when chilled. Foods with Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids result in youthful-looking skin.

  • Carrots brighten your skin, while spinach and kale protect it from environmental factors.

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5 Healthy Ways to Treat Your Skin