There are some people who have been using the gym for months, but always seem to get flustered upon realising they cannot do a workout because they have forgotten a necessity. We’re here to nip the frustrations with these 3 gym essentials:


  • Water Bottle

It sounds like an obvious one, but if you’re not thirsty, you seldom remember. Most gyms have a water fountain, but cutting the rhythm of your workout for a sip of water across the floor, behind the leg press and next to the squat rack, is lengthy and distracting. Keep an empty water bottle in your backpack, and fill it up before your session.


  • Gym Towel

Even if you’re not the sweaty type, forgetting your towel is a hygiene no! Have at least two standard gym towels to ensure you have one with you every time you go to the gym. Common gym courtesy includes wiping the seat of the rowing machine or the backrest of the leg press when you’re done to make sure no unwelcome damp residue remains for the next person.


  • Gym Gloves

One word – calluses. Buying the correct gloves is one thing, but forgetting them is out of the question. Gym gloves reduce repeated friction on the hands. They also offer firmer grip when lifting weights, and other necessary handles. Can you imagine having the bench press bar slip out of your hands? Unless it’s laundry day, gym gloves should live in your gym bag.


It is also considerate to pack in any medical necessities, such as asthma pumps, as well as additional information that may be needed in emergency situations.

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3 Items every gym bag needs
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