How often do you and your partner know where to eat when you don’t have the urge to cook? Unless you have a predetermined date night at your favourite restaurant during the week, when the sudden “where do you want to eat?” pops up, your head fills with question marks. We have selected a few methods to help you decide.

  • Appetite

How hungry you are will help narrow down your decision. If you haven’t eaten the whole day, you probably won’t be pining for breadsticks and dipping oils. Also, consider when you will next eat after the meal you’re deciding on. List five places that offer food suited to your appetite.

  • Proximity

Decide if you’re getting takeaways or having a sit-down meal. Next, looking at your category of five, decide on the conditions the food is served, and what you love about them. Are their fries crunchy and warm when they get to your table? They’ll probably be soft and cold by the time you bring them home, so scratch that option off your list. If you have a time limit, or don’t mind alternatives, find something closer to you. Google Maps is your best friend when it comes to this.

  • Experience

This one is the ultimate decider. Think about how eating at that particular place made you feel. If you’ve had bad food poisoning from a chicken burger, revisiting that will probably throw you off. Try to picture yourself after your meal. Will you be glad you went there?

Most of the time, you already know where you want to go, as well as what you will order when you get there. Because you don’t want to name a place unfavourable to the other person, you usually keep your preference to yourself. Don’t be nervous to speak up, and work on a decision from there.

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3 Steps when choosing a place to eat
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