Besides having a look at internet reviews, classics are a great way to get the most out of your theatre experience. Movies are now being adapted to plays, getting people out and about. Here are 3 plays you should definitely watch before you die, in no particular order.

  1. Billy Elliot

An 11-year-old motherless boy, Billy, tosses the boxing gloves for ballet shoes. Falling in love with the gracious dance, Billy joins the class as the only boy, keeping it a secret. Upon finding him at the lessons, Billy’s father forbids him from continuing. His ballet teacher encourages to audition for a ballet school in London, and promises to give him free lessons. Passionate about his dream, breaking all societal constructs, Billy continues to dance, and although the audition doesn’t go as expected, the results reveal otherwise.

  1. The Colour Purple

The Colour Purple is the story of a 14-year-old black girl, Celie, living in the rural areas of Georgia. Her father abuses her both physically and sexually, resulting in the birth of 2 children, whom her father steals from her. Celie writes letters to God, pleading that her father stops the abuse. Following years of abuse and a joyless marriage, Celie’s sister adopts 2 children, who are later realised to be Celie’s. In the end, Celie is happy, and self-confident.

  1. The Sound of Music

Set during World War II, The Sound of Music is about a young sister, Maria, of Nonnberg Abbey. Unable to grasp the rules of the abbey, Maria is commissioned to become a governess for the Von Trapp household of seven children, residing with their widower father. The strict Von Trapp home becomes one of happiness, liveliness and music when Maria manoeuvres her way into the Captain’s heart. When Captain Von Trapp is called to serve in the Nazi Navy, the Von Trapp family sings themselves to their escape over the mountains of Switzerland.

These three plays differ in genre; comedy-drama, historical drama, and romance, but their ebbs and turns cater for audiences across the board. Although mostly suited for the entire family, remember to check the age restriction for each production.

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3 Musicals to watch before you die
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