There is a certain age where your children feel that time at school is no longer enough. Saturday play dates end too soon. They’ve begged and pleaded for their friends to sleepover, and now you’ve agreed. Bed, food, movies, and pillow fights are just the basics to consider when it comes to slumber entertainment. We have compiled 3 tips for hosting your child’s first sleepover.

  • Number of guests

Dependant on your child’s age, two or three guests are good for a start. The shorter the guest list, the fewer the personalities to handle. Inviting the whole of Mrs Brown’s class of 20 will overwhelm you, unless you have experience with children in large groups. The importance of limiting the guest list will allow you, as the parent, to know each of your child’s friends, and learn the personalities they bring from their respective homes.

  • Food

You’re probably thinking, “pizza, chips and ice cream”. A strong suggestion here would be to speak to each guest’s parent to find out more about their child’s dietary habits. Ice cream won’t make the cut if one of the visitors are lactose intolerant. Some parents may prefer to pack food for their children – don’t be alarmed. This is usually to cut hassles for you as the host parent. Remember to consider allergies by providing nut-free food, and vegetarian options as well.

  • Activities

Movies at home are, without a doubt, the best for settling in after a long day. But what about before that? As much as technology has taken over, and it’d be easier to toss an iPad at them, interactive games get everyone involved. Also, get them involved with making fun dinners, like waffles or hotdogs. Little guests love feeling needed on big tasks. Remember that movies, games and magazines should be age appropriate.

Your house, your rules, but remember that some children have issues when it comes to shared spaces, privacy, and the dark. You don’t want your child to return to school with no friends, so compliance is required, which is another reason why it is important to speak to their parents. It is also advisable to give a pick-up time that you’re comfortable with.

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3 Tips for hosting your child’s first sleepover
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