DJs, popular bands and cover artists are all at the top of the list, but what about bringing in some variation? Keep your guests (and their inner children) moving and on their toes with these ideas for your wedding reception:

  • Magicians and caricatures

Only if there are children. Kidding. Everyone loves magic, just as much as everyone loves take-home memories. This kind of entertainment is best for smaller, more intimate weddings. The artist may move from table to table, rather than the guests getting up from their seats to manoeuvre to the entertainment.

  • Photo scavenger hunt

Obviously not during the ceremony, or no one will be there to witness the matrimony. Your guests can group up according to their seating arrangements, and post each photo with a hashtag relating to your wedding. #SmithWeddingBells.

  • Booths

Photo booths have made their return, and because no one ever takes a decent photo when props are involved, take it up a notch. Add a video booth to the mix, and give friends the option to give marriage advice or share funny stories… then save them as your wedding memory. Add bride and groom head-in-hole photo boards.

  • Dance-off

Remember the music you used to sing off-by-heart when your friends came for a sleepover? Bring the memories back. Collect all the old tracks, and have the DJ play them. Add an extra element of fun by making it a dance-off. Put a shoe basket next to the dance floor with flip-flops in, so your competitors can grab a pair.

If you’re keen on these, notify your guests to dress as comfortably as the dress code allows. Remember to hire a photographer, more than one if possible, to capture all the crazy entertainment. As appreciation to each guest, add a photo of them enjoying themselves to their thank you card.

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5 Memorable wedding entertainment ideas
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